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Karen Couillard is one of the hottest new Canadian artists to conquer the international art scene.

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Steve Couillard is a co-owner and a major player behind Groovy Arts.

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Groovy Arts believes in giving back and Karen Couillard is proud to use her talent and donate her art.

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Hot properties—Groovy Arts currently has properties branded by Karen Couillard available for licensing.


Art and Marketing – A Matrimonial Match

With over 12 years of experience in illustration, graphic design and interactive media, Steve Couillard is known for being an entrepreneur and a leader in the interactive media and design Industry.

Before starting his own branding and communication company, Vercomedia, Steve has work for many years as a media and graphic designer for some of Canada's top financial companies such as AIC Limited and The Berkshire Group. His expertise and innovative ideas has led him to create and oversee some of the companies' major marketing campaigns and projects, such as "The Champion Award" also used by The National Commercial Bank of Jamaica.

Steve's work and creativity have quickly achieved recognition. His distinguished Interactive presentations and marketing strategies have been used by some of Canada's most influential business people such as Michel Lee-Chin LLD, Chairman, CEO of AIC Limited for "An Evening with a Millionaire" Road Show which was presented across Canada; Tim Cestnick, CA, CFP, TEP, tax expert and public speaker for "The AIC Tax Smart Advisor Summit 2002;" Kurt Rosentreter, CA, CFP, CIMA, TEP, FMA for "Investing to Beat the Taxman." In addition, for several years, Steve has produced interactive presentations for the Ontario Bar Exam: "The Law Society of Upper Canada" presented by J.Milan Legris, H.B.SC., LL.B., LL.M. The presentations were successfully broadcasted live from Toronto to Japan.

Steve has left AIC to launch his own company, Vercomedia, which creates and manages the Groovy Arts' brands. As a co-owner and a major player behind Groovy Arts, a company that he owns with his wife, he developed and designed a full line of products including packaging and product branding for the Groovy Arts' Collection. His marketing strategies and his abundant talent for design are integral to Groovy Arts' success.

Steve achieved recognition for his work and was featured in a documentary "Art and Marketing" that aired on CTFO, "Panorama."

Steve and Karen make a great team in the world of art and design. Together they will keep growing Groovy Arts and continue creating fun products that make people smile.

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